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Mistakes to Avoid When DIY Painting Your Home

So you've decided to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls! There's nothing that elevates and transforms a home more than a brand new coat of paint. But while slabbing paint across your walls may seem easy in theory, it's actually pretty tricky once you get down to...

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San Diego’s Top 10 Residential Zip Codes

From its beachfront and surf spots to its breweries, there’s a lot to like about San Diego. The welcoming, balmy climate is the reason why many people to choose to relocate here. Whether you’re looking to move to San Diego or already a resident who wants to switch...

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Top 5 Towns To Buy A House In San Diego

Considering Buying a Home In San Diego? Look At These Amazing Towns! San Diego is the second most populous city in California, so it's not surprising that it has many different communities and more than one hundred neighborhoods. Unfortunately, real estate prices are...

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Happy Customer In Carlsbad

This Job is in the finishing stages of Exterior Trim Painting and Gravel Rock Roofing Repair . One of the things this customer really liked about Double G Painting and Contracting is being involved in the paint and material selections. We’ll walk you through the...

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Rainwater Harvesting

An ancient technique is making a big comeback in San Diego called rainwater harvesting. If you are continually looking for new ways to be more eco-friendly and conserve water, you’ve probably already heard of this technique and may already being using a rainwater...

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