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Looking For An Exterior Painter In San Diego?

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Whether your house is new or old, it deserves the best exterior paintwork. The curb appeal of your property matters. As much as anyone can paint, painting the exterior of a home is better left to the experts. Moreover, the outside of your house needs that kind of paint that can withstand the tribulations of Mother Nature. Double G Painting & General Contracting has worked extensively providing high-quality, exterior painting in San Diego, for over 20 years.

We are the best at what we do, and that’s why our clients proudly recommend Double G. Be it vinyl, stucco, wood, or aluminum siding, you can rest assured that our team of professionals will deliver superb results. The exterior painting crew at Double G Painting & Contracting understands that exterior painting is not just about laying a fresh coat of paint. In fact, all cracks and other forms of damages have to be addressed before painting, or the paintwork will end up looking shoddy.

Our service delivery is not just about work. Our painters go to great lengths to listen to your desires and walk you through the process. Furthermore, they are open to any questions or concerns you may have.

Exterior House Paint Color Recommendations For The San Diego Weather

No matter how well you paint the exterior of a house, if the paint color is wrong, something will always feel off. For this reason, we take our time to consult extensively with our customers. During the consultations, our experts listen to you and recommend the best paint colors for your property. You are also allowed to suggest and ask any questions about different paint finishes and types.

Additionally, our team provides a paint color scheme. This allows you to look at the different shades of paint color and choose the best.

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The Double G Exterior Painting San Diego Process

Once everything has been agreed and the appropriate schedule is identified, our painters start off by thoroughly cleaning the exterior surfaces of your property. This includes removing or covering any items or furniture that could be stained by the various paints. Then, the necessary repairs on the surfaces are done to prepare it for painting.

We also know that the surfaces might be made from different types of materials. The good news is that our professionals have the know-how to prepare wooden, concrete, asphalt, aluminum and bricks for painting.

As part of our paintwork process, we also remove the old, unwanted layers of paint if you are seeking to give the outside of your house a makeover.

Paint Mixing

In order to avoid some of the common issues with paint, our professionals ensure that the mixing ratios of the paints are adhered to. This is extremely important because if the paint is not properly mixed, it is likely to crack and fall off within a short period of time.


Great paintwork has to be uniform. While this isn’t easy to achieve when painting repaired surfaces, our professionals have enough experience to avoid the occurrence of non-uniform patches. Stucco is especially notorious if not done properly. This is why we use a primer to ensure that regardless of the damage, the surfaces are evenly painted.

Vinyl and aluminum siding are prone to fading after serving you for a considerable number of years, part of our job is to restore these types of surfaces.

Waterproof Paint

Water is a great enemy to most paintwork, especially on the exterior of your house. For this reason, the paint may not last long. It is, however, a different case when you hire us to work on your property. Our team knows exactly when and where to use strong waterproof paint. Once they are done, you will surely be guaranteed excellent long lasting paintwork.

Why go for professional exterior painters?

First of all, you will be more at ease knowing a well trained and experienced team is working on your property. This is a team that delivers without your supervision. As a matter of fact, you can just choose to come and inspect the paintwork after completion. This way, you can avoid undesirable and costly outcomes that can occur when you do it yourself.

The right equipment
Professional paintwork requires the right equipment and a team of painters who have the experience to use them. If you hire a painter who probably has to hire the appropriate pieces of equipment, then there is a chance that they may still not be able to execute the job exceptionally, and which will carry a higher price tag.

The Double G Painting & Contracting Difference

Double G painting & Contracting guarantees up-front pricing with no hidden fees. What we quote you will be the final price. You will receive a personalized proposal custom to your needs.

We care about your satisfaction and will ensure quality work every time. We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts. Your satisfaction and high-quality craftsmanship is what matters most to us.

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