Looking To Start A Restoration Project In Mission Hills?

Mission Hills has a number of vintage homes in the Bungalow, Craftsman, and Mission Revival styles.  With a focus on protecting and preserving community character, it’s important to choose an experienced local painting company that also has the skills needed for restoration, and repair. 


House painters in Mission Hills need to maintain and enhance the look of many different home styles.                       

The Mission Hills architectural styles include a variety of classic homes reflecting community preferences over the years. From working in the area, we know that many of the aging homes need interior and exterior repairs, in addition to painting updates to their appearance. 

Some of the unique challenges our Mission Hills clients have faced include:

  • With many of the homes showing signs of age, we make sure to repair cracks, focus on exposed surfaces, and provide protection from mold, mildew, leaks, or even termites
  • We match existing materials in the older homes, and recommend an appropriate exterior painting color scheme, for a finished look, consistent with the style of the home. 
  • Close together homes make it important for us to share what’s happening with the project, and make sure any of our equipment or scaffolding won’t inconvenience the neighbors.  

Whether yours is a Craftsman style home, with its unique exterior color choices, or a Mission Revival style, with its stucco siding needing repair, it’s important to work with local experts familiar with neighborhood preservation. 



    With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve earned a reputation for quality, custom solutions for our clients.


    We take special care in identifying repairs needed, to maintain the character and unique style of your home.


    We also offer a complimentary color consultation and provide samples to help you make a final selection.


    We even replace gutters on every exterior paint project, at no extra charge, and we stand behind our work.


    We’re also a California State Licensed General Contractor, capable of handling all aspects of your project.

    Mission Hills Painting Projects

    Our clients say they value our expertise, our honesty, our ‘No Surprises’ commitment, and our focus on providing a job well done that they’ll enjoy for years to come.

    More Than Just Great Painters

    We know it takes more than just paint to make your property really shine.

    We go above and beyond to create the best ‘finished’ look for our clients, by protecting and improving all the related elements on the property.  This might involve restoring exterior railings or chain link fences, repairing or replacing garage doors, to ensure a clean, professional finish. 

    Because we’re also Licensed Contractors, we’re ready to handle whatever the unique property presents, to meet our client’s goals for a new look. 

    Beyond Painting

    As licensed contractors we do all renovations, and carpentry you might need—including flooring!

    When we consult with clients, we discuss their goals for the finished outcome on the project, and we do a thorough property inspection to identify all the areas that may need help.  

    With our years of experience, and our full service capabilities as Licensed Contractors, we can often make recommendations that greatly enhance the finished look of the property. 

    This project included painting, stone veneer around the garage door, on columns and around the windows.

    We can even do driveway pavers!



    Damage Repair and Renovation

    From “Needs Lots of Work” to a beautiful Point Loma home.

    This older home had been weathered over the years, and needed repair, replace and restore work before we could begin painting.  

    Our first steps were replacing some siding, and retexturing for a better finish, so that we could help protect the home from future wear and tear from sun, salt air and wind.

    And that was just the beginning…

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